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A Tribute to
 Steve Globa

Good Bye Ol' Friend




smallsteve.jpg (10200 bytes) I don't think words can express how shocked and saddened we all were to hear of the untimely death of Conductor and plain ol' good guy Steve Globa. Steve was one of the truly unique characters who made the railroad the special place that it is and will always be.

Steve was like Amtrak's very own version of the friendly giant, always smiling and upbeat (unless someone pissed him off)......Always out there getting into some sort of usually harmless mischief.......Another railroad legend in his own mind.

The best way to describe "Globa" was as our own, larger than living life looney tune character. Because of the nature of railroading you may not see him for months at a time, but we had some sort of indescribable comfort in knowing that this great guy was somewhere up or down the line getting into some sort of controversy or harmless mischief......Or eating......Or sleeping.

Railroading has always had it's fair share of legends and with no doubt, Steve will end up being one of those we will never forget.

His most famous antics were generally referred to as "Globa Moments" and they were true moments of glory.

There were so many infamous "Globa Moments."

One of his most famous quotes...."Now let me tell you something about that......."

All we can say is thank you Steve for leaving us with those cherished, wonderful memories and being a great friend!

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"Two Legends" - Jack and Steve
Photo by Bob Chessia

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Well.....I think I hear my train a comin'  Good Bye Ol' Friend!