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The Mother of all Railroad Photo Albums!

Southampton Street Yard - Boston
Railroad Photo Album - Page 64

UPDATED MAY 3 - 2003

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The last good place to work on this railroad is the yard. You just go out and get the job done and nobody looks to bother you........No produce line managers, no b.s., just making up trains and working with really great people.

If I could afford it, I'd still be there.

To the left is the YB-6 crew I used to work with. Russell and Dave.

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Beauty and The Best!

Yard Conductor Tanya hams it up with Engineer Vic.
Photo By Conductor Bob Chessia

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Here we have a HHP locomotive on the head end of an ACELA Regional train that just arrived in the S&I Building for service and inspection.


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Engineer Brian Lecuyer enjoys the action.  To the right we see
Russell Pavao defending himself from Yardmaster Billy O'Brien. 
Billy gets a little strange once in a while when the pressure is on.

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Road Foreman Joe keeps a watchful eye on things as yard crews move trains out of South Station.

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"Two of Amtrak's Finest"

Officer Wayne and Officer  Mike, waiting for the inbounds.

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Yardmaster Billy tries to follow Conductor George Casey into the rest room.

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Here's Yardmaster Billy again studying to be an Amtrak Produce Line Manager.....A lifelong dream of his. Too bad they got rid of them.

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Here's Engineer Dave again dreaming about surfing or maybe something else.

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