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Hi. You don't know me but perhaps you have heard or seen me. I think I was in  one of your pictures of a wire damage in Milford on Metro North a few years ago. In searching the web, this is the second time I've come across your site and I think its Top Notch. Some times I think the public views railroaders as another typical union job. In fact it is the tightes knit family outside of my own. There is a respect for eachother and the job that extends from railroad to railroad. Your sight greatly reflects that. Keep up the Great Site.

                                                                       John Frank
                                                                       ET Catenary Foreman
                                                                       Metro North New Haven Line
                                                                       Power Department

(April 1, 2006) From our ol' Pal Burt the Davisville Signal Maintainer..."Thank you for a great site. I really enjoy it. My name is Burt Vanasse, Retired 2002. Former Signal maintainer at Davisville RI. I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of great conductors that worked out of Davisville during the electric traction construction in this area. They were a great bunch to work with. Your site and pictures have shown people that met and brought back memories."

(March 16, 2006) From Chris Perrone's sister Andrea....."I just wanted to thank you for the great photo and memorial for my brother Christopher.  I can not tell you how much joy it brings me to see his photo on your website.  He loved the railroad as do so many others.  I looked at all your photos in an effort to find more pictures of Chris.  He's been gone for only week and I still cling to whatever glimpse of him and his life that I can.  He had railroading in his blood and I see from your photos he wasn't alone.  You have paid a great tribute to all those "railroaders". One photo is better than the next. Thank you for taking the time to take the photos for so many of us to enjoy. The combination of old and new is stunning."

Kudos to all involved.
Andrea Perrone Tripp

(April 21, 2005) I am a LIRR Console Operator at PSCC and I love your web site!!!!!!!!
Sebastion, Long Island Railroad Company

(May 24, 2004) "Once I get into "I Know a Railroad!", I can't get out of it. I really enjoy it Brian. All the pictures & stories. How do you do it?  Must take a lot of time. Great story on Billy Martin!"
Richie Sullivan, Retired Conductor, Boston Crew Base.

(September 9, 2003) Dear Brian:  Great pics and story on the black out!  Very entertaining as usual.
Frats, Rob Aldridge Portland, Or. Crewbase

(August 22, 2003) Hey Brian, First visit to your web site. It's amusing and interesting, thanks for taking
the time to do it.
Bill Delaney Boston Conductor

(February 6, 2003) I come now and again to visit your Zone 1 site.  I am your friendly train
dispatcher in Penn Station Central Control.  Thanks for the great work!
Jeffrey S. The Long Island Rail Road Company

(October 14, 2002) "Great job, Brian. What makes it great????  
Not one picture of Bob Bass...now, THAT is a great accomplishment."    Bob

(October 13, 2002) Hi, I am a Engineer in the UK.
I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful site you have!  Well done :)
It's nice to see the staff of US railways are exactly the same as ours in
the UK.
All the best.  Peter W Hurst

(October 13, 2002) Just surfed on to your site, what fun!! I am retired after 38 years on
the road as Brk/Cond on the N&W/NS (Freight Only}  I, like you treasure the memories
of the railroaders I was associated with and the humorous things we experienced thru the years.
Keep On Trucking By Rail .....Smitty


  • (August 22, 2002)  I just found your site...I think it's great and I really appreciate the thought that the best thing about the railroad is the railroaders.  I had the privilege of working for Amtrak for almost 15 years....before being swept out by Downs and Warrrington in 1994.  I would love to get back 
    and work to help make Amtrak all that it can and should be.    J.T

    (August 15, 2002)  I love your web site.
    Mac Daniel
    Boston Globe
    617.929.3068 w
    617.929.3186 fax

  • (May 12, 2002)  Dear Brother Radovich: First off I'd like to tell you how much I and my wife
    enjoy your web page, by far the best I've come across on Amtrak or railroading in general 
    for that matter! I also noticed you have a piece by a long time friend and our local 
    UTU Chairman Dirk Sampson (he was my local chairman when I was a conductor at Amtrak).
    Fraternally,  Rob A. Vancouver, Wa.

  • (May 1, 2002) Hello. Thanks for putting up the great photos of the people you work with. 
    I also enjoy the photos of the trains and facilities you folks work at. 
    Looks like you have quite a railroad there to work on.
    Thanks again for your efforts!  S. Glenn  Locomotive Engineer UPRR

  • (April 8, 2002) Hello: A friend told me about your web site.  He works at the Southampton Yard. I enjoyed it very much.  You have done an excellent job on the pages.
    I live in Nebraska where Union Pacific's Bailey Yard is located.  If you haven't already done so, 
    I thought you might enjoy taking a look at their page.  
    It is http://www.uprr.com/aboutup/history/bailey/.
    I look forward to checking back to www.slamtrak.com often.      Jenna F.

  • (April  5, 2002) I had a great time looking over the sight, a lot of work went into it. I can't 
    understand why I stayed so young and they got so old, hahahaha.  
    Thanks!  Bobby Staff. Conductor, CSX  (Former CR, PC, NYNH&H)
    (EDITOR'S NOTE.......Thanks for your compliment Bob. If you had been working for these nitwit produce line managers for the last 5 years you'd have aged like we have!)

  • (April 2, 2002) Please remove that very unflattering photo of me from your web site. It's not my fault 
    I am bailing out on all of you when the ship is sinking. Just think........I'll be making more 
    than a quarter million dollars a year running NJT into the ground the same way I wrecked your railroad.
    Enjoy your glide path to oblivion!!!  Georgie Boy W. Ex Prez. Slamtrak

  • (April 1, 2002) Brian..........I can see your up to your old tricks again. You drove Claytor and Downs crazy. You just never give up. It's no wonder they haven't locked you up in the 
    coo-coo farm with the rest of the Boston nutcases.    Pointless Arlo

  • (April 1, 2002) Love your web site and keep those photos coming! 
    Thank you, William D. Allen 
    (son of legendary "Shore Line" hogger Dave "Thunder Jaw" Allen).

  • (July 13, 2001)  Hi, I came across your web site and found it to be true of every thing about
    the railroad and the people. It was only a few years after all the changes did we realize, 
    the job was not a job. But a way of life that is gone because
    of the greedy, not needed management.
    Good site I had a few laughs....I will pass your site around.
    President Local 1130 U.T.U.
    Toronto Ontario Canada

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