Getting it done. South Station - 1988

Railroad Photo Album - Page Two

Updated July 30, 2001

The "Talgo" made it's debut in Boston in the late 1980's. Here Car Inspector Dave Kelley poses in front of a couple of the Talgo's cars which were trucked over from the pier.

This is Locomotive Engineer Fred Caruso posing in front of the low slung, sleek Talgo train at South Station. Freddy ran the demo  train with an Amtrak Turbo power car on the head end for the Coalition of New England Governors. Both he and the train ended up as front page news in the New York Times.

Spring 1987 - Engineer Joe McMann and soon to be retired Conductor Norm Lust. Two good railroadmen. Joe loves his boat. Norm loves the thought of retiring.

Here's some fan favorites. Conductor Richie Sullivan poses with Electrician Mark and Locomotive Engineer Arthur in New Haven. Three good smiles. Three great guys.

You go ahead and figure out a caption for this one. It's that Sweeney fella with Springfield legend Paul Roland.


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