Railroad Photo Album - Page Twelve

Updated October 24, 2001


"The Bones" and one of his alta-egos.

(Photo on left taken June 2001 - Photo on right taken June 1989, New London, CT)

Yard Conductor Steve "The Bones" Eldridge contemplates the future of mankind in the yard office, while a decade earlier he stands trainside at New London "waiting for time."


Yard Conductor Louie Delavalle

Louie is all smiles today. Either he's "hamming out" on an extra assignment or maybe he's just a happy fella.
Some of us really get a big kick watching Louie flip out. He blows his stack about twice a week and acts pretty normal the rest of the time.

A typical plain ol' good railroad guy.

Race Horses. July 2001

Southampton Street Yard
East End of Hi-Speed S&I Building

Two of the new High Speed Trainsets are being serviced and inspected prior to their runs. Soon they will be cruising the "Shore Line" on their way to the "Big Apple" at speeds up to 150mph.

Conductor Flagmen Kendra Jackson and Rich Carney.
(Photo By Bob Chessia)

Kendra and Rich keep trains rolling through the infamous Central Artery (BIG DIG) project in the fall of 1999. Two of Amtrak's finest.

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