Railroad Photo Album - Page Three

Updated July 30, 2001

Here's one of the true legends....Conductor Johnny Haigh. A true gentleman and a great railroader. Like a script from an old Hollywood love story,  he chased his westbound sweetheart and proposed to her, married her, and has stuck by her side ever since.

Now retired, and missed dearly, it's guys like Johnny Haigh that make the railroad special.

Foreman Lenny Streeto and Electrician Bob at New Haven, CT. It's a hot summer day and #94 has arrived with no head end power and a few hundred ticked off passengers. These two will now go to work to get the job done. Thank God for guys like these in New Haven!


Here's Conductor Tommy Driscoll with his Family at an Open House the railroad had at South Station.

Tom's another one of those railroaders who takes pride in his craft. We call them "workingmen's railroaders." He goes out and gets the job done.

A good man and a great friend!

It's retirement day for Conductor Harvey Harvender (far left) and the Conductors ham it up. Left to Right.....Harvey, Conductor Curtis Taylor, a Yardmaster, the late, great Conductor Dave Fowkes and finally another great railroader, Conductor Charlie Knowlton, now happily retired himself.



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