Railroad Photo Album - Page Thirteen

Updated October 24, 2001


Conductor Jim Symkowickz


Jim is one of those quiet type guys who doesn't have an awful lot to say (quite rare on the railroad) but when he does say something, it is usually substantial and worth listening to. After his dose of passenger train antics, he has made it a point to stay on a yard switcher.

Conductor Mike Frye
(Photo by Bob Chessia)

Mike is another one of those multi-generation railroaders. I have yet to see Mike in passenger service. Wouldn't a nice guy like this be a credit to customer service?  His son "Small Frye" is also a Conductor working down in Florida on the Auto Train.

Conductor Jack Lacey
(Photo By Bob Chessia)

Here's a nice guy. I was working with Jack several years ago when some freak with a monitor lizard boarded at Providence and scared the crap out of the passengers. We threw the lizard and its' owner off at Kingston.....Then Jack flowed back over to Conrail and to this day has not been seen near a passenger train since.

Southampton Street Shop

Summer 2001

Providence Crew Room -  1977
Photo By Dom Spinale

Conductor Joe Sarro fills out the paper work prior to returning to Boston.

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