Railroad Photo Album - Page Six

Updated August 5, 2001

Arthur Fontes
Locomotive Engineer


You can tell by the look on his face what kind of guy he is. Skeptical. Comical. Wise guy indeed!

Sometimes a railroad photo really is worth a thousand tales.

GG1 Locomotive and Me
1981 - Washington Terminal

I was lucky enough to get a couple of "head end" rides in these babies before most of them met their doom. I guess the best way to describe being in the cab was a cross between being in a dungeon and maybe a U-Boat.

All beauty on the outside. Ugly as all hell on the inside. The GG1's paid their dues to railroad nation a million times over.

Mark, John and Walter
Southampton Street Yard - Boston

It's a beautiful mid-summer Saturday afternoon. The work is all done. The Yardmaster Mark is thrilled. Oh happy day! Nothing but big smiles at SHSY today. 


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