Railroad Photo Album - Page Four

Updated July 30, 2001

Oh my word! Get a few railroaders together and all hell breaks loose!

Here are three of my railroad pals. One of my best friends, John Perullo, Joanne Armstrong, both LSA's out of Boston, and none other than a true legend from the South End of the Northeast Corridor, ex Pennsy Conductor Mac McBride.

Here's the pride of ol' First Street Yard, Jim Flannery, doing some "PR" work with a visitor from Japan.

Now retired, Jim, an ex New Haven man,  was a great guy to work with and always had a "railroad tale to tell."

My favorite were the stories about the Brakeman John Cotter. A big gruffy backwoods type man with a long beard and strange habits, Jim was one of the few who felt a need to know this guy.

One day Jimmy was driving John Cotter home from Readville Yard and he asked Jim to pull over. Jim pulled over and Cotter got our of the car and picked up a dead squirrel lying in the middle of the road.

Jim asked, "What in God's name are you going to do with that dead thing John?"
Cotter's reply......"I'm having it for dinner."
As Jimmy would say........"Feel sorry for the poor fella......That's his wayyyyyyyyy."

Here's a couple of railroad "studs" looking like their posing for the cover of "GQ."

Former LSA and now North Side Conductor Jackie "Lo- Jack" Walsh and the infamous El Perullo!

Nothing like showing off your, ummm, pride and joy? Here we find Conductor Dave Deyab, AC John Sweeney and Locomotive Engineer Fred Caruso pose in all of their splendid glory.

It's not hard figuring out who has their marbles left here.


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