Railroad Photo Album - Page Fifteen

Updated November 15, 2001


The Ol' Essex Hotel


Located directly across from South Station, on the Atlantic Avenue/ Track 1 side of the station, this old girl was once the home to many of a New Haven railroadman, both during layover and in some cases, for some, a semi-permanent residence.

Now converted to an office building, there is no doubt the ghosts of railroad past (and some of their ummm, girlfriends) will always haunt the halls of this classic building forever.


South Station, Boston

This photo, used on a generic postcard,  was probably taken some time after World War 2. The old "Atlantic Avenue Elevated" is now but a memory but South Station is still a busy place!

Waiting for the Westbound at old Providence Station.

This photo was taken by Conductor Dominic Spinale sometime around 1978. It was taken in front of the old crew room in the original, and still standing (although not for railroad purposes) Providence Station.

The woman on the left is Cheryl. She was one of the first "trainmen" Conrail hired for a operating department assignment.


Conductor Dino Boni
Photo by Dominic Spinale

Dino was one of the legendary "Providence Boys." When he retired he was working as a Conductor in Southampton Street Yard. I think they had 30 days worth of celebration prior to his retirement at either "Aces" or "The Quiet Man," over in South Boston. 

Railroaders just love an excuse to celebrate!!!

Who's this happy couple??? It's my good friend Conductor Jack Mac with Conductor Kendra Jackson. No matter how cold it gets out there on the "Big Dig," you can always expect a smile from them railroaders!


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