Railroad Photo Album - Page Eleven

Updated October 24, 2001


Dave at the New Haven Station Information Booth

Dave mans the control center at New Haven Station. The beautifully restored station is a busy place, with both Amtrak and Metro-North trains arriving and departing all day long. "Big Dave" as usual, has everything under control.


New Haven's Red Cap Smokie

"Smokie" was one of those guys who just went out and did a good job, day in and day out. Always ready and willing to help out the passengers, "Smokie" took a personal pride in the great job he did. Unfortunately, like many railroaders, "Smokie" became ill shortly after this photo was taken and soon passed away from cancer.

A plain ol' good railroad guy.

Amtrak LSA Johnnie Morse
(Amtrak Amfleet Promo Shot - 1975)


Johnnie Morse was one of the last Pullman employees to retire from Amtrak. He worked as an LSA out of the Boston Crew Base in the early 1980's. This photo was taken for Amtrak ads and promotional material back in 1975 when the "Amfleet" was shiney and new!

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