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PAGE 95  - POSTED JUNE 29, 2003

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Here is a photo of my Dad taken somewhere along the route of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad a few years after World War 2.

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This switcher spent about a year in Boston,
working at Southampton Street Yard.


This is another one of my best pals "El Perullo" at Washington Terminal way back in 1985. John is standing at the turntable in front of a rebuilt RS-3. This photo was taken about 3 days before we were both almost fired for harrassing "Stinky," an a-hole conductor who worked for the R.F.&P. Railroad between Washington DC and Richmond, VA. All the RF&P guys were a great bunch indeed. But this fat, smelly, small brained man was a pitiful soul. When he threatened to have us arrested the passengers threatened to chase his fat ass of the train.

Here's all the UTU Boy's in front of "Membership 1." This is the United Transportation Union's membership recruitement vehicle.

Photo By Dave Bowe

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