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PAGE 91  - POSTED JUNE 26, 2003

June 25, 2003

This particular week (June 23-June 27, 2004) had all the makings of being the worst week of my railroad life. It was one thing after another. On June 25, our ACELA #2163 hit some bad wire at Read Interlocking which ripped both pantographs off our power cars (a.k.a. locomotives). After transferring our passengers to Amtrak #173, we ended up being shoved into Readville Yard by a couple of CSX road switchers which had been working the Route 128 Industrial Park. A little bit later in the day a rescue engine was sent out from Southampton Street Yard which ended shoving us back to Boston.

CSX power up from the Route 128 Industrial Park ties on to Amtrak #2163 at Readville Transfer.

After being rescued by CSX at Readville Transfer, the equipment was shoved into Readville Yard where we waited for a rescue engine from Southampton Street Yard.

CSX Power backs off the ACELA Equipment and heads back to work.



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