PAGE 85 - UPDATED JUNE 20, 2003


I wonder how many millions of dollars it cost them to put this up. It was found on a building facing NYP. It's finally been removed. Imagine how many wrecked pieces of equipment could have been repaired at Beech Grove for the money Warrington blew on this????

Conductor Chris Herrera keeps an eye on his son Chris Junior. Another case of the apple not falling far from the tree!

Conductor Rebecca (now working for Metro North) is all smiles today. It must be her Friday. Her Dad George is a famous (now retired) Shore Line Locomotive Engineer.

What's she smiling about?

Conductor Cheryl is all smiles on Amtrak #173, formerly known as "The Yankee Clipper. "

Conductor Auger Caraman. Auger, next time, keep the hat on!!!!

Here's "Stevie Boy" again with Conductor Jerry Caturano Jr. Jerry's Dad is a locomotive engineer.

Here's a closeup of "Stevie Boy" in La La Land! Something must be wrong today. He's usually dreaming of food.

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