PAGE 83  - UPDATED JUNE 20, 2003

HHP Locomotive #656 heads up the consist of #171 at Southampton Street Yard on a February eve.

Locomotive Engineers Gary Clark and Larry Owen (Gary and Larry) a the Boston Sign Up room.

The pride and joy of the Boston Crew Base. LSA Richie Adams.
Why is this guy smiling so much?

Here's Yard Conductor Moe Fox and Boston LSA John Hayes on #2170's equipment after arrival in Boston.

Conductor Chris "The Freakin' Puerto Rican" Herrara. What's going through that mind of his?

New Haven Conductor Alex Cambell
takes a much deserved break on #173.

The Sisters Grandfield share dinner in the NY Penn crew room. That's Mary (the good one) on the left and Peggy on the right.

Brother Love may think he's "Mr. All That" but here's one of the true Don Juans of the Boston Crew Base, Conductor Dave Herndon.

Locomotive Engineer Jon Frye sits in the fireman's seat and observes "Stevie Boy" in action...........

And here he is, our very own hockey star Steve Stevie Boy" Sarno at the throttle of #2170.

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