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PAGE 70  - POSTED MAY 31, 2003

"Who's Calling South Bay"
Photos by Leo King

A look at the last operating tower on Amtrak's ex New Haven New England Division.

Agent - Operator Leo King

South Bay Tower, located on the east end of Amtrak's Southampton Street Yard, is the last operating tower between the Amtrak Division Post in New Haven, CT and South Station, Boston.

The following photos and related material were provided by Train Director Leo King.

The original "South Bay Tower" at the cross roads of the Old Colony, Midland and the lead to First Street Yard in South Boston.

South Bay's illustrious Tower Operators/Train Directors.........

Top Left........Bob Pelletier

Bottom Left....... Walter Conner

Above.......Rich Dreyer

Here's another true legend of South Bay, Jerry "Who's callinnnnnnnng Southhhhhhh Bayyyyyy" Warford.

Jerry's claim to fame are his famous (or infamous) radio announcements on the First Trick. 

Like many railroaders....His great sense of humor and colorful personality make him a true living legend of railroading.

Thank You Leo for the great photos!


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