The Mother of all Railroad Photo Albums!

Updated May 15, 2003

Welcome to "Comrade's" look back at the 1970's and 1980's. 
Also known as "Paul Burns," both Comrade and Dominic Spinale  took these photos back.

Conductor Comrade. Can you believe this handsome fella to the right is the same poor soul above???

See what four decades of railroading can do to a human being?

Conductor Richie Duboise, the pride of New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Richie seems to be in a state of deep thought. What could possibly be going through this guy's mind?

Anyone who worked during the New Haven Railroad days, when times were tough but still good, will remember this familiar face! It's Conductor Frankie Paine

Conductor Stanley Benduczek.

This photo speaks for itself. 


This has to be a classic! It's Dominic taking a nap in the old bunkroom at Providence Station.

Some people say he looks like he's dead. And what's up with the newspapers?

Here's Conductor Peter Dillon, on the left, with ex LSA Karen and Conductor Chris Fox.

They are attending that "Sweeney Fellas" annual Christmas Bash.

Foxy is drinking a nice imported beer. Peter is thinking about how many beers he'll be taking home!

Here's another classic photo. The "Angry American," Conductor Leo O'Donnell.

Leo had a heart of gold but he didn't particularly care for "most" passengers.

His most famous quotes to passengers and fellow employees include:

"Up front, get your lazy asses up front!"
"You....Useless....Lazy.....Piece of ??!!"
"I've had just about enough out of you!!!!"
"You big, fat, lazy sow!!!"


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