The Mother of all Railroad Photo Albums!
PAGE 63  - MAY 17, 2003

Oh my word. Look what happens when you get all of the Boston Princesses together in the New Haven Crew Room. Talk about a chorus line!
(Photo By Simone Fleury)

Conductor Bob MacDonald smiles for the birdie on board is 10:25 Stoughton Local.

A meeting of the minds. Bob Petrowski and Gary Libby pose after their Metro North rules class in New Haven. Both of them cheated off me in order to pass. (Note the pre-fab bridge behind them which will soon be lifted and placed over the tracks at New Haven Station.)


L.C. poses with his Gal at New Haven Station.

It's 11:10 PM April 1, 2003 at New London, CT.  AMTRAK Engineer Chris Perrone was greeted by a black bear as he brought Train #67 into the station.  
Chris is holding the "un-bearable" set of orders for the train that he had pulled from the beast's pocket - which read, "April Fool Chris!"
Valley RR Engineer G.A. Cassidy owns the bear and said he had no idea how the bear arrived in New London.  Photo by G.A. Cassidy


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