Railroad Photo Album - Page Fifty One

Posted  January 13, 2003

Locomotive Engineer Ernie Kissinger is ready for action.

Conductor Tony in deep thought on #2159. 
He's one of the few guys I know of who makes an effort to help out his coworkers and the passengers even when he's deadheading.....Tony is a good man, just like his Dad, Tony Sr., who recently retired.

Another Tony. 
This one is all smiles as we cruise through Mamaroneck at 100 mph.

Legends of the New Haven Railroad.

Recent retirees Manny Correra, Boom Boom Mancini and Gary Levette are all smiles as they wait for #2164 in the New York Crew Room.

Meeting of the minds.
Boston Engineer Bobby O'Brien hams it up with NY Engineer and Philly outcast and disappointed Eagles fan Tom Shmucker with an armful of junk food at Penn Station.


Two Good Railroad Men.
Amtrak "T" Commuter Conductor Hugh Jones with Bombardier ACELA Tech John Cole. These two men are the very best at their craft. If Amtrak had more people like them working on the railroad we'd have nothing to worry about.


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