Railroad Photo Album - Page Forty Six

Updated November  23, 2002

Look at this fella? Does he look a bit off his rocker? It's Gene Steinfeld at it again. This guy was good at two things. Clearing out a Cafe car when he was cooking his stinky fish....And making people laugh. Not that he was trying to be funny mind you. He was literally off his rocker.....Big time. Photo by me August 1990.

It's my old friend Richie Finasse (Fin-nasty) flipping me the bird in August of 1990.

My old pal New Haven Conductor Stanley Bishop. A real good guy.
Stanley served in the Queen's Army and always made sure to have his afternoon tea........
In one form or another. ;-)
Stanley passed away a few years ago and will always be missed. This photo was taken in 1990.

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