Railroad Photo Album - Page Forty Five

Updated November  23, 2002

Legendary Amtrak Conductor minus 90 lbs. Larry Solomon (Right) with Amtrak Safety Manager Henry Marcell. Henry was the Safety Engineer for the Electrification Project. Henry became a great help and friend to all of us. Larry is a great friend as well. He just ate too much.

Deadheading. Can't yah tell? Here are two of New Haven's finest deadheading home after railroading all the livelong day. "JR" and Shawn Mulqueen look a little worn out.

Crew Support Supervisor Bob Petrofetta is all smiles. Apparently the crew dispatcher was able to cover all the jobs this morning!

Amtrak Locomotive Engineer Tony Tolentino looks like he's in a state of shock as he makes out his timeslips.

New Haven Car Inspector Kenny Demaio is hamming it up on a warm summer afternoon in 1991 while changing power at New Haven Station.


#173 just out of Boston. May 1997

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