The Last Days of Old Tower One - Page Forty

Updated July 23, 2002

It's transition day at South Station, Boston. Slowly but surely, the old track structures, signal system and Tower One are being phased out and replacing it all is a new, state of the art network of modern railroad technology.

Seeing it all happen was bittersweet. We were happy to see money being invested in the railroad but at the same time, it was like watching an old friend slowly pass away.

The whole process to integrate the new station into the old, then replace the old took a couple of years. It was truly an amazing feat......Keeping all those trains running with limited track space, construction going on, etc. etc.

The "New Tower One" which replaced "The Tower One" was merely a rental trailer built on top of a concrete foundation. Gone was the charm of the old girl! She even had a veranda complete with gas grille and plastic milk crate!

Tower One stood tall and proud until her last days. The savages ransacked her the day they finally pulled her out of service. 

There was talk of salvaging what was left and moving her to a museum but like most "visions," this was just another railroad pipe dream.

The New - A glorified parking lot.

The Old - #67 ready to depart.



The clock is ticking. This is her final night. Within hours Tower One will become an obsolete remnant of railroad's past, and within a few months the wrecker's ball will make her but a memory.



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