Railroad Photo Album - Some of My Favorite Photos!
Page Thirty Four

Updated June 12, 2002

Jimmy Harris. 1991

Who the hell does he think he is???

Here's my good friend Conductor Jimmy Harris. He's bailing off in New Haven and "gettin' outta Dodge!"

Cadillac and Steve. 1988

William "Cadillac" Peterson. True legend of Railroading. The "Cadillac" was known as the king of the New Haven dining car and parlor car service. He met gangsters (best tippers!),  movie stars, politicians and royalty. He even broke in a new hire waiter who later became known as Malcolm X.

The railroad was built on the strong backs of the likes of this great man.

HIT HERE to read a poem I wrote about "Cadillac Pete."

Leo and Harvey. 1989

Every once in a while you're at the right place, at the right time, for one of those very special photos that could tell a thousand railroad tales.

Car Knocker Leo Fahey poses with Conductor Harvey Harvender. It's been a tough morning. They've "shopped" half the yard, but these two can still find some reason to smile. That's because they are railroadmen.

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