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We Miss You!

Updated April 25  - 2003

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Me and Conductor Curtis Standberry on his retirement day. Curtis was a beloved Conductor on #449/448 for years and is still missed by both the crews and the passengers.

This is a tribute to some of the many railroaders we've said good bye too over the last decade or so. Some retired, some passed away....Some just packed it up and got the heck out.

No matter what, many of us miss these great folks. Isn't it ironic that the good ones are never around as long as you'd like them to be and the assholes are in your face forever.

Jack O'Brien hams it up with Steve Globa
We can never forget the joy and mayhem Steve brought to the railroad. Our very own version of the friendly giant.

Conductor John Newman (L) shares a pop with the late, great Engineer Donald McHugh. Donald was off his rocker but he was a wonderful guy and we miss his crazy radio transmissions. Yes Don, the eagle has landed!


Here's LSA Pedro "Have tip for me?" Alfonso with my great friend John Perullo. Pedro was quite a character. Besides being a great worker, the passengers loved him and he loved them.....Especially the male passengers. Pedro transferred to Florida to be with his Mom, a Cuban immigrant. A short time later he became seriously ill and passed away.

Boston Lead Service Attendant 
Jimmy Cournoyer

Jimmy was a real credit to the railroad. A favorite amongst passengers, Jimmy always went out of his way to make the passengers and his coworkers feel right at home.

Jimmy became ill shortly after this photo was taken. He tried to come back to work but his illness finally got the best of him and passed away a short time later.

Jimmy was one of those rare folks who never had a bad word to say about anybody. He never let anything bother him and he never, ever asked for any special treatment, even when he was obviously not having a good day......And even on his most challenging days, he was a true prince!


Retirement Day

It's Conductor Harvey Harvenders retirement day and he poses with Locomotive Engineer Bernie McGovern.

Harvey retired and Bernie passed away a few years after this photo was taken. Just two good railroadmen. Two great guys.

True Love?

Carol with a "K" hams it up with another "First Street Yard" legend, Conductor Dave Fowkes.

Dave was your typical "First Street" kinda guy.

Avoided passenger trains.

Could drink you under the table.

Had a heart of gold.

Dave passed away a short time ago but it missed by all of his pals at Southampton Street Yard.

Larry - Pedro - Manny
Three great guys indeed!

Larry Barry, on the left, was a Boston Lead Service Attendant. Agent Orange ailments a la Vietnam forced him off the railroad shortly after this photo was taken.

Pedro Alfonso, a former Boston LSA and another character, passed away shortly after this photo was taken from cancer.

Conductor Manny Correia, our very own railroad retailer, retired in 2000. We miss him and his great deals on watches and handbags!


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