Railroad Photo Album - Page Thirty One

Posted  June 11, 2002


The Last Run!

Here's 3 good guys! It's Locomotive Engineer Al Mazzacane's last trip and some of his best railroad friends have shown up to wish him farewell. Flanking Al are on the left, Conductor Kevin Sweeney and to the right, the one and only Kevin Thoms.

Al was a true gentleman. He never let anything get to him, and  I don't think anyone ever heard him complain or swear. 

Not your typical railroader but a typically good guy indeed!

The Cadillac

Here's a man who was a true legend of railroading. It's William "Cadillac Pete" Peterson's retirement party and hundreds have turned out to wish this great man the very best....He was the very best. Not just a great railroadman who provided top notch service to his passengers, but a wonderful man who cared about his friends and coworkers.

Conductor Billy Adams

Billy is all smiles. It's Christmas Eve and there's a little party going on in the Am-Cafe. Hey, who's that to the left without his hat on?



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