Railroad Photo Album - Page Twenty Seven

Posted  May 15, 2002

Old Bridgeport Station
Bridgeport Connecticut

I'm not sure how old this post card actually is but you'll note there is no overheard wire yet.

This station was replaced by a concrete mess in the 1970's.


Conductor Billy Colletta
New Haven Crew Base

One of the truest of nice guys....Billy retired in the early 1990's. A true gentleman, Billy would bring his own coffee maker on Mail #13 (2 coaches, no food service) in the morning to provide coffee to the passengers..

Chris Fox

Boom Boom's Car
Trainmen's Room
New Haven, Connecticut 

This car belonged to the legendary Bob "Boom Boom" Mancini. 

We used to borrow it during our layovers in New Haven. No plates, no registration, but nobody bothered us because everybody loved "Boom Boom."


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