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The Electricfication Project - Page 116

Updated September 13 - 2003

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The day the boom truck flipped over in Mansfield. That's me on the left, Conductor Joe Motte on the right and a track foreman in the middle.

This was one of the biggest construction projects in the history of the Northeast Corridor. For five years, hundreds of IBEW Linemen, Railroad Engineering Employees, Work Train Crews and Conductor Flagmen put together the overhead catenary system that would be used by the railroad's high speed trains.

This truly was a great time for one and all.

Most importantly, the Conductor Flagmen performed remarkably, protecting hundreds of the  contractor's employees from trains operating at 70-80-90 plus miles per hour.


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Here is a better view of the boom fouling track one at Mansfield Station. Thanks to quick thinking and fast action from Conductor Flagman  Steve "The Bones" Eldridge, a disaster was prevented!

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That's me "in the gauge" posing next to the boom on track one.

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Here is the man! Steve Eldridge, on the left, observes the goings on. He saved the day!

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A "Soil-Mec"  just west of Mansfield Station.

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Derailed "Grout Train" at West Mansfield.

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Conductor Joe Motte (L)  blames the corrupt midget for the derailment.

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Conductor Flagman Dave Bowe smiles before a long night of fun.

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Amtrak #175 passes "The Grout Train" at Biscuit City.

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Me (on ground) with Operating Engineer Jimmy Titus at the throttle of the "Grout Train."

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Conductors Richie Duboise (L) and Bob Chessiah ham it up for the photographer near Kingston, RI.

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