Railroad Photo Album - Page Twenty

Updated February 11, 2002


Conductor Flagman Bob Russell
Big Dig - 2001
Photo By Bob Chessia

Here's Bob Russell protecting the construction forces on the "Big Dig" near South Station, Boston. Bob is one of a crew of up to 12 flagmen who protect the construction workers against trains.

Electricifcation Program
Kenyons, Rhode Island
December 1996

The "North End" electrification program is still in it's early stages. Here we see the "grout train" crew installing just one of thousands of precast foundations that the catenary poles will be mounted on.


3rd Trick Switcher
South Bay Yard - 5:00am

Here is the 3rd trick switching crew preparing to shove train #95 over to South Station from the ol' South Bay Yard. Conductor's Billy Flaherty on the left, and Comrade Paul Burns on the right are all smiles (well kinda) because this is their last move of the day. (Thanks to Paul Burns for this great photo!)

Conductors John Haigh (L) and Bob Connolly
Readville 5 Yard
Summer - 2000

Johnny Haigh's hair is still looking good after a long day flagging for private contractors on the Electrification project.
(Thanks to Paul Burns another great photo!)

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