Railroad Photo Album - Page Nineteen

Updated January 7, 2002

New Haven Railroad
Breakfast Bar Car

Circa 1944
Photo Courtesy of Federal Archives

These "breakfast cars" operated between Stamford CT and Grand Central Terminal. Passengers lined up around the counter eating and drinking and smoking and you're not only waiting on them but your also cooking the food! Makes them ACELA bistro style cafe cars look better all the time! 
Thanks to Marc Frattasio for the info regarding this service!

Conductor Curtis Taylor
December 2001

It's not too often you get a smile out of Curtis. Bob Chessia was at the right place at the right time to get this photo of "The Man."  He's the only guy I know who can switch a train out at 2:30am in Southampton Street Yard with his trademark sunglasses on.

South Station, Boston. Early 20th Century. 
Here are two more ancient views of South Station, Boston. The one above is from my postcard collection. I have over 40 postcards depicting South Station at different times throughout the 20th century.

This photo was taken about 7 years after the post card shot on the left. The Atlantic Avenue Elevated is still making a racket. Even today, after years of abuse, renewals and facelifts,  the "good ol' girl" still looks pretty much the same.




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