R.C. FOWKES - One Good Friend 
One Great Railroadman!

This is my tribute to one of the greatest railroadmen I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

If the railroad had more men of this caliber working for it we'd surely have nothing to worry about.

Here's a man who takes pride in giving the passengers a "good ride" because, as he puts it, "that's the least he can do for them."
When was the last time you heard a railroader speak of doing anything for the passengers?

A great many of the clowns we work with are worried about two things.
Getting paid the most..........For doing the least amount work possible.....Lazy assed no-good-for-nothings who never did a good days worth of railroad work in their lives.

These clowns aren't "Railroaders." They are bozos who just happen to be working for the railroad.

Imagine If we could bottle Richie Fowkes' dedication and integrity and sell it to these bozos we work with.....Many of whom couldn't make a pimple on a real railroadman's ass?

The substance that makes Richie such a great railroadman does not end with his work ethic. Besides being a great railroadman and one of the best Locomotive Engineers out there, "R.C." is also a great friend to one and all. 

We have a lot of phonies on both sides of the coin running around who claim to care about their coworkers and are oh-so dedicated to the goodwill and well being of their railroad brothers and sisters, but it's the likes of  Richie Fowkes, an honest to goodness good friend and great man who is always there for a friend in need.

One Good Friend - One Great Railroadman!

"R.C.", a former South Boston High School hockey star and NCAA/Hockey East Referee gives Ben Perry a few  on-ice pointers!

Richies give us his best impersonation of the late, great Donald McHugh.

Richie poses with Conductor Jimmy Adamson and Barry at Southampton Street Yard.

If there was a picture next to the definition of "railroader" in the Webster's Dictionary, I have a hunch it would be that of R.C. Fowkes.