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Updated JANUARY 26, 2008

Winter 2008 -  Kissin' cousins??? Well, not really. But it appears Engineer Dave Luna, on the left, has a very special relationship with his Conductor John Parker. Hey, I guess it could be worse. Another classic photo by Bob Chessia!

Fall 2007 - Four classics! Once again Bob Chessia outdoes himself big time, with these four classic shots from the Officer Joe Davis, APD retirement party on October 28, 2007. In the scene below, we see Joe and his Wife receiving a State Proclamation from Senator Steve Tolman (holding the mike) and R.C. Fowkes.

Joe with T-113 (retired) Leo Niemi

Always wondered what Uncle Ben Perry would look like in a monkey suit.

Locomotive Engineer Bobby Struthers, that "good fella" tries to play Conductor.

Summer 2007 - Bob Chessia always seems to be at the right place, at the right time, to capture some incredible photos for this web site. Here is another "classic." Conductor Joe Motte in all of his glory. I honestly don't know how to describe or caption this photo. No matter what, it truly speaks for itself.

Winter 2007 - Need a new radio battery? A new hat badge? A new tie? Bulletin orders, DTOBO's or TSRB's??? 
See "Iron Man" Jack LeSalva.
Now Jack proves that he is, indeed "Mr. All That" by lifting an Amfleet coach wheel with one arm!


Fall 2006 - Conductor's Bobby Barros and Simone welcome the new addition to their crew. Hey Bobby, the baby even has your same hairstyle! How sweet! (Photo by Dean Davidson)


Spring 2006 - Trainmaster Leo Niemi is arrested by Detective Joe Davis for impersonating a railroad official.  It was retirement day for Leo and a happy day indeed for him, but a sad day for us.
 To see more of Leo, HIT HERE.


Spring 2005 - Here's a trio of New Haven legends in their own mind. With a grand total of about 150 years of railroad service and several million dollars in net worth, Conductor Sal Alfone (left), Conductor Tony Guarino and Locomotive Engineer Bobby Collins (Center) are all smiles while taking a break from switching at the Providence MOW Base Railroad Yard.

The winning photo for February 2004 is another classic. It's Conductor Bob Scott, another legend of the New Haven Crew Base, showing off his new hair do! Oh Bob, you handsome devil you!!


Let's start off "Photo of the Month!"  for  2004 with a true classic.
It's Conductor Libby suffering from his Napoleonic Complex. Too many bee stings to the noggin??? Too much stress??? Maybe it's a combination of both......No matter what, it's classic Libby.
Thanks to my buddy Boston LSA John "El Perrullo" Perullo for this classic shot!!!

The final "Photo of the Month!"  for  2003 is a classic indeed!
It's Tommy Driscoll proudly holding a miniature version of himself, "Mr. Wonderful" at the 2003 Railroader's Christmas Party.

The winning photo for December 2003 is an oldie but goodie but should warm up those cold little souls out there along the railroad when they see this. We were on a Providence bound work train and just west of Sharon the gondola behind the lead locomotive (full of old railroad ties) caught on fire. We stopped the train at Mansfield Station, called the local fire department, head-pinned the engine a safe distance from the burning car, then turned the occasion into a "Kodak moment."
Here's my good friend Locomotive Engineer Bob Maxwell doing the honors.

The winning photo for September, October and November 2003 was taken by a 14 year old lad hanging out of the vestibule a westbound Penn Central passenger train headed for New York City in the fall of 1972.  This photo was taken with a Kodak Instamatic camera just east of Providence Station.
Little did he know back then what kind of remarkable adventure these same rails would some day lead him through.

The winning photo for August  2003 was taken at a pub just outside of Dublin about four hours before a major soccer match between the Irish and English. Here we find SOCCER HOOLIGAN and Amtrak Conductor Martin Butler (second from right) and his fellow hooligans. Don't be the least bit fooled by those instruments....They are actually going to be used as weapons. Imagine the sight of "Martin me-boy" cracking someone over the head with that drum?

The winning photo for July  2003 was taken near ACELA EXPRESS 2163 in the Bronx on a hot summer day in July of 2003. Conductor Joe Hall who begs for help after falling out of the train when it made impact with that totally destroyed  truck in the background.

Truck Meets ACELA - July 2, 2003

The winning photo for June  2003 was taken on ACELA EXPRESS 2170 in June of 2003. It's our Janet posing with former Governor of Massachusetts Mike Dukakis.....An honorable man with true integrity and dedication.

The winning photo for May  2003 was taken by some poor soul. It's none other than #1 Gang Watchman Tom Mulrooney (a.k.a. Popeye)  flanked by Yvette and Judy on an ACELA. Thanks to Judy Dickerson for this classic photo.

The winning photo for April  2003 is the work of regular contributor Emile Sitka entitled 
"What's Assistant Conductor Larry Solomon Up To Now????".  
Is he trapped into some sort of gothic torture device????  Nah. Not today.
Only Larry could weasel his way into a massage therapists chair on an Acela operating at 100 mph.

The winning photo for March 2003 is the work of regular contributor Emile Sitka entitled "Those 70's Attendants". A true classic indeed!
My good friends El Perullo and Guy the Greek are decked out in their finest 70's retro look on Super Bowl Sunday - 2003.

February 2003's  winning photo is the work of regular contributor Bob Chessia entitled "Louie and Louie". A true classic indeed!

JF White Foreman Louie Pacheco is all smiles (both of him) as he proudly displays himself at the Track 1 shanty over by Tower One at South Station, Boston.

If you would like to own your very own "Smiling Louie" please contact Bob Chessia.


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