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Two of my favorite railroad photos - Two of my favorite First Street Fellas!

These wonderful photos bring back some fond memories of railroad days past..... Long before I hired on the railroad though. The photo below, taken by Bob Coolidge in 1967, is a New Haven Switcher working the Boston waterfront over by First Street Yard. This switcher may be on its way to the Army Base or some consignees located along the waterfront. Out in the Harbor, the SS France makes a call to the Port of Boston. Just to the left of her in the foreground is Anthony's Pier 4 Restaurant. The large building to the right is the Commonwealth Pier when it was still a working pier! It's amazing how much has changed here since this photo was taken. The SS France became the Norway and is now being scrapped. The Commonwealth Pier now hosts trade shows and railroad operations here are just about nonexistent. Sure the railroad is gone, but the spirit of the New Haven Railroad and the men who worked at First Street Yard, the Jim Flannery's and the Billy Flaherty's and the Harry Malone's and all of the others will live on forever. I swear I saw the ghost of Harry "Big Hah" Swain working that puzzle switch one night!

Jimmy and "Big Hah" - A couple of them First Street Fellas!

Photo By Bob Coolidge - 1967

The photo above was taken at Butler Street Yard on the Milton Branch around 1964
Below you'll find a photo taken by me in May 2009 from approximately the same location Bob Coolidge took the photo above. My, my have things changed!..
Butler Street Yard, although fairly small, handled a lot of traffic headed to and from Baker's Chocolate, located just up the branch in Lower Mills. Conrail abandoned the line in the 1990's (It's now a bike path) but the High Speed Trolley Line and it's PCC's are alive and well in 2008.
During my high school days at Don Bosco Technical High School in Boston, I would ride these trolleys from Milton-Lower Mills Station to Ashmont, where we'd change for a Red Line subway train to Park (pronounced Pahk) Street. Every once in a while the Penn Central freight that worked the Milton Branch would show up while we were waiting for the trolley on weekday mornings. Photo By Bob Coolidge - 1964

May 2009 - Butler Street Yard

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