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The Boston Braves

The National League's Boston Braves were often referred to as Boston's  "working class" base ball club. The first home of the Braves organization, The South End Grounds, was located over by what is now the Amtrak/MBTA Southwest Corridor, more specifically, Ruggles Street Station.

 Back in late 19th and early 20th century, the Boston and Providence/ New Haven Railroad operated Base Ball trains from various outlying points, into Boston, bringing thousands of fans to see their beloved "Nationals" play the likes of John "Mugsy" McGraw's New York Giants.

In 1915, the year after the "Miracle" Braves won the World Series, the Braves were rewarded for their efforts with a new ball park located over by the Boston and Albany main line, near the River Charles, adjacent to what is now referred to as CSX's Beacon Park Yard,

"Braves Field" was a favorite hangout of many now retired railroaders, and a place of employment for some of them as well.

Our old Pal Jimmy Flannery was a popcorn vendor there as a kid and many old time railroaders spoke of being proud members of the Brave's "Knot Hole Gang" when they were kids.

Old Boston Braves Field adjacent to the Boston and Albany Yards (Alston - Beacon Park)

Back Bay Station Ticket Clerk Joe Montague with Boston Braves star Earl Torgeson in 1949.

Braves Field Trolleys lines up during base ball action at Brave's Field.

Braves Field - 1948 World Series vs. Cleveland Indians

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