Regarding Cadillac Pete

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This is a poem I wrote in memory of a great railroad friend of mine who passed away a few years ago:

 Regarding Cadillac Pete

In honor and memory of a great railroad man.
By a friend

Hey there Mr. Cadillac.
King of the Shore Line way.
There's a rumor goin' round.
They say you've passed away.

The paper says that you have gone.
I know that this ain't true.
Cause as an inspiration for us all;
You still have work to do.

Hey there Mr. Cadillac.
Some just called you Pete.
You were a legend, second to none.
One of railroadings' own elite.

They've taken away the names of trains.
The trains that you made great.
They don't even call it a railroad no more.
And they're more than often late.

They arm themselves with market studies.
And committments so weak and bland.
I hope they know so damn well;
The likes of you made this railroad grand.

So let them print your obituary.
But we know it's all so wrong.
You're still with us, forever more.
Your spirit will live on.

Look down from Railroad Heaven Pete;
See your "Merchants" glide along the shore.
And as the mighty liner blasts through the land.
It's your spirit that makes it roar.

Listen now, it's calling you.
It's shouting wheels of steel refrain.
Cadillac Pete, please guide us now;
Your soul make great this train.

"The Cadillac"
Mr. William Peterson and Steve Moreau


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