Legend of Railroading, among other things!

Our Real Hero

"We're just all victims of soicumstance"

Santa and his favorite Elf? Here's Uncle Ben with Santa (a.k.a. Alan Pomer).


Where's Captain Smith when we need him?

A Wanted Poster hanging in the ticket office at Clark's Trading Post in Lincoln, NH warns customers of this wise guy!


Ben's home away from home, ol' Davisville Tower.

Ben pumping petrol somewhere in upstate New York.

Watch out Ben, that ain't Panther Beer!!!!

Here we see Ben in action. As you can see, he has kept himself quite busy while retired.

If you work on Amtrak's Boston Division or are a railroad enthusiast, steamship enthusiast, hockey fan, fan of female railroad employees, American Flyer collector, transit enthusiast or fan of the 3 STOOGES, then you know

       BEN PERRY   

Legend of Railroading

Here is some background on this great man:

When many of us search for a beacon of hope, it's the bright beam that shines from the heart and soul of Ben Perry that will always serve as our ever-guiding light.



The Bristol "S" Gauge Railroaders

The Official THREE STOOGES web site!  Nyuk-nyuk-nyuk!!!

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