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 UPDATED  JULY 11, 2005


Source of info regarding Mr. Howland: Flying Yankee Web Site

EVERETT E. HOWLAND Jr.  (1929 – 2005)
Father of Scott and Jim Howland

We're sad to report that we've lost a very close friend and colleague of the Flying Yankee Restoration Group, Mr. Everett E. Howland Jr.  Everett passed away on Sunday afternoon, June 26, 2005 after a long illness and will be sorely missed.  Everett was 76 years old when he passed away and lived in North Woodstock, NH with his lovely wife Frances.  In addition to serving as a very active member of the Flying Yankee Restoration Group, Inc. Board of Directors since the Group was formed in the early 1990's, Everett worked as a Fireman, Engineer and General Superintendent for the Boston & Maine Railroad from 1948 until 1987.  He also worked for Amtrak and while serving as a consultant, Everett was instrumental in the start of the Dallas / Fort Worth Commuter Rail System.  Everett also trained Engineers for Operation Desert Storm.  Everett was a longtime member of the New England Railroad Club and the Boston & Maine Historical Society.  He served for twelve years as a Selectman for the town of Woodstock, NH and was a member of the Woodstock Volunteer Fire Department.  Everett served with the US Army during the Korean War in the 724th Railway Operating Battalion, was a member of the Pemi Valley Church of Woodstock, NH and was an avid golfer in his spare time.

Everett leaves his wife of 56 years, Frances (Quimby) Howland of North Woodstock, NH; two sons, Scott Everett Howland of Hamden, CT and James Howland of Wilmington, MA; a daughter, Sharon (Howland) Zaccardi of Reading, MA; seven grandchildren and several cousins. 
The family has asked that memorial donations may be made in Everett's name to the Flying Yankee Restoration Group, PO Box 6000, Glen, NH 03838.

Source of info: Flying Yankee Web Site


Rodolfo “Rudy” Fraschilla
Amtrak New Haven Conductor

passed away on Saturday, June 25th
at the Connecticut Hospice in Branford, CT.

Cards of Condolence may be sent:

The Fraschilla Family
2 Ryan Drive
Wallingford, CT 06492

Ain't that the truth!

Amtrak Conductor
Harold W. Swain

Fairwell to "Big Hah"   One of the First Street Boys!

of South Boston, May 12th. Beloved son of the late Thomas J. and Margaret A. (OToole) Swain. Loving brother of Lorraine Flannery of South Boston, Norman Swain of Braintree, Dorothy Izbicki of Taunton, Thomas Swain of Dorchester, Gerard Swain of FL, Donald Swain of Braintree and Carol Reilly of Braintree. Longtime friend of Harry Uhlman of South Boston. Interment Cedar Grove Cemetery, Dorchester, MA. Late Veteran of U.S. Army. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Moakley Cancer Center, Boston Medical Center, Development Office, 660 Harrison Ave., 3rd Floor, Boston, MA 02118 or Mass General Hospital, Development Office, 165 Cambridge St., Suite 600, Boston, MA 02114, c/o of Breast Cancer Research Center

Don Constantinueau: 1933 - 2005


My good friend Don Constantineau passed away this morning. Don was a long time NHRHTA member and former New Haven Railroad employee. He started with the railroad in 1953 as a grill car bar attendant. In later years he worked on bar cars and lounge cars. From time to time he also worked as a dining car steward. Around 1956 Don switched over to freight service, first as a flagman and then as a freight conductor. He left the railroad just before the Penn Central takeover and took up a second career with the US Postal Service, retiring a few years ago as postmaster in Wrentham, MA. In retirement he also worked as an engineer at Edaville Railroad and at the Newport Scenic Railway.

Don's wife, Marguerite or "Margo", was a New Haven Railroad dining car department hostess and radio telephone attendant who worked on the Merchants Limited and Yankee Clipper. She died a few weeks ago after a long illness.

Photos and stories about both Don and Margo were included in my recent book, "New Haven Railroad - Dining on the Shore Line Route". In fact, the book was dedicated to them since they provided the inspiration and the railroad contacts which made the book possible.

I always thought that I'd have plenty of time to talk about the railroad with Don Constantinueau. His death this morning caught me completely by surprise, despite a several-week hospitalization. This should be a lesson to all of you.
Get out and talk to and record the stories from the elderly railroaders that you know before it is too late to do so. Believe me, when the end comes you'll regret that you didn't. I feel awful today.


"Tommy Cal"  September 2004

New Haven Car Knocker and friend to all Tommy Callahan passed away in December 2004.

(on the right next to his pal Vaughan) retired in September after 30 years of service.

Once the RR Retirement Board told John he could retire, he got out while the going was good.

Best of luck to you John!!!

New Haven Conductor James Thomas Garvey II

James Thomas Garvey II "Jim", 58, of New Britain passed away Sunday (August 22, 2004) battling Mesothelioma Lung Cancer with his loving family by his side. Born in Woodside, New York, son of the late Vincent M. and Dorothy (Anderson) Garvey, he was a New Britain resident most of his life. He was a graduate of New Britain High School, class of 1964, and attended Teachers College (now CCSU) in New Britain. Jimmy was employed at ConRail & Amtrak-Shore Line East for 33 years



New Haven Railroad - Penn Central
 Conrail - Amtrak
 RETIRED 7/16/2004

The entire railroad family mourns the tragic passing of Metro North (former Conrail) Conductor Bobby Ard Jr. who was tragically killed while performing his duties on the Stamford Yard Switcher, March 10, 2004.

Bob Ard  was 46 years old.



Another fan favorite, Locomotive Engineer Jack Curley (Amtrak, Conrail, Penn Central) retired Christmas Week 2003.

Jack is a true class act and a great friend to all of us. His smiling face and wonderful sense of humor will be greatly missed by all of us!!

Good luck on your retirement Jack! You're a great guy.

Former Amtrak Rules Examiner, Tower Operator and Train Dispatcher Henry Vincent passed away just before Christmas 2003.

Henry was an interesting character but a fair rules examiner and a very honorable man.

Besides working for the railroad, Henry was also involved in the Air Force Reserves.



New Haven Crew Base Locomotive Engineer Jim Dowd made his last run on October 31, 2003. Jim worked for the New Haven, Penn Central, Conrail and Amtrak as a fireman and Locomotive Engineer.

Best of luck to you Jim!
Photo by Moe Burke

Sad news.......Former Amtrak Trainmaster, Chief Train Dispatcher and Tower Operator Manny Pacheco passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, October 4, 2003.
Manny was a true friend, an honorable man and a great boss who legitimately cared about his co-workers and the passengers.
This comes as a shock to all of us and needless to say, it's a sad day in Boston for his MBCR coworkers and his Amtrak friends.
Once again, we lose one of the good ones.
A Tribute to Manny.



Boston Locomotive Engineer Tommy Madden retired on October 1, 2003. Tommy worked for the New Haven, Penn Central, Conrail, B&M (MBTA), Amtrak (MBTA) and finally finishing off his career on the Shore Line.

Best of luck to Tom on his retirement!


South Station, Boston.....On September 11, 2003, Firemen representing various Departments including the FDNY presented Governor Mike Dukakis with a plaque thanking Amtrak Employees for their support during and after the events of 9/11/2001.
Photo by Paul Hayhurst

Sad News From New Haven

I'm sad to report that Locomotive Engineer and great friend Steve Meighan passed away on August 26, 2003.



Former "B&A" Legend Jimmy Adamson is all smiles 
back in the early 1970's. Jimmy worked for the New York Central, Penn Central, Conrail and Amtrak.

What a difference 30 years makes!

He's even happier here in 2003 after he found out how much money he'll be getting from the Railroad Retirement Board.

Good Bye Ol' Friend!
Commuter Conductor Danny Sullivan passed away last month after a long tough bout with cancer.

Danny was a true gentleman great railroader and a wonderful friend to one and all.

He was the Brother of Providence Station's John Sullivan.

Retired Boston Locomotive Engineer 
Jack Brady 
passed away on January 26, 2003.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Jack's family.

Jack was a unique individual but he was a good guy and always a good friend to all.

I GOT IT!!! 
After fifteen years of searching, I finally was able to acquire the rookie card of old friend and retired Boston Division Conductor Tom Casagrande. Tom was considered one of the first "bonus babies" signed to a major league baseball contract.

Former Boston Engineer Steve Nichols with Sam.



Message from ol' pal Steve Nichols

 I was cruising the web the other day, with nothing in particular to do, when I stumbled onto your site. You just never know what you will find on the www. Let me say that going thru the photos was a very fun and sometimes sad time. Sad due to the knowledge and realization that quite a few  of the guys that I worked with while I was there have passed away. But fun to see some of the faces that up till now had only been fading memories.

To refresh your memory a little bit let me say that I came to Amtrak zone 1 in August of 1984,I can’t believe its been about eighteen years ago now, but anyway I came along with about six others, one of whom is still working on corridor to this day, his name being Tom Boutell, I think you probably know him. I stayed till April of 1991 and left for the windy city Chicago. Worked there till about October of 1999 and decided to go to Indianapolis Indiana a new crew base. This put me a lot closer to my place of birth in southern Indiana. I hope to retire from this location in about five years. Hopefully this will stir a few memories of me. If not just ask a few of the New Haven guys about me and I think they will recall working with me a time or two. I can remember working with you a few times. Nice to see you in the photos.

Nice web site. Keep up the good work. Tell the guys hello for me. Especially “The Bones” who I worked with the night we left the "big kohuna’s" (translation Amtrak Officials) on the platform at Boston because they weren’t there at leaving time. Maybe he’ll remember the story. Recalling that night has given me a lot of chuckles over the years, as well as bringing smiles to those that I tell the story too.

Well I’ve said enough. Thanks.


P.S. That’s me and my offspring Sam.

(Editors Note: Steve, that incident with you, Bones and the Amtrak officials is stuff that legends are made of. How could we forget that wonderful day??? EBR

Conductor Bob Chessia and Vic - One last hug!

Locomotive Engineer Vic Gobbi
"One of Boston's Finest!" 
Retired on August 22, 2002
Vic hired out on the "Boston and Albany" Division of the NYC/Penn Central and worked for successors Conrail and Amtrak.

HIT HERE to see a great railroad photo of Vic.

Coming Soon From TLC Publishing Inc.


HIT HERE for more info!

Libby rubs elbow with Baseball Legend Luis "El Tiante" Tiant.

Conductor Gary Libby (center) doesn't know a baseball from a pineapple, but he was still thrilled to meet some of the Boston Red Sox Legends who rode his ACELA train to New York. The Boston Red Sox played the Yankees over the July 20, 2002 weekend.

Kingston Station Museum Now Open!
The Museum at the Kingston, Rhode Island Railroad Station opened on Saturday, June 22, 2002. HIT HERE to see some photos from this great day.

One of the sweethearts of the New Haven Crew Base, Conductor Natalie Smith, got married recently and broke a lot of hearts as well!

Best of luck to you and your Husband Natalie!

Roger That!

"Despite all its flaws, Amtrak's strength lies in its front-line
operations people who make the railroad work day in and day out, Gunn
says. "That's the strength, it really is. While we're sitting here
talking, there's a thousand, two thousand people making things happen.
And they're conscientious about it."
Amtrak President David Gunn

EDITORS NOTE: Now let's get rid of those useless produce lines! Leave the responsibility of operating trains in the hands of the people who know how to operate them!

First Annual Steve Globa North Side vs. South Side Hockey Game
Sunday, May 19, 2002 - 2pm
Stoneham Arena

Proceeds from this year's event will be used to help out fellow railroader who had her apartment burn down and lost all of her personal belongings, as well as 2 railroaders from Boston who are battling cancer.

HIT HERE to find out more about this great event!


Boston Crew Base Conductor Skip Simpson died tragically in a surfing accident while vacationing in Hawaii.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Skip's Family.

Skip worked in train service for Amtrak for approximately 4 years, working both in Inter-City and Commuter service.

United Aircraft Turbo Train
South Station, Boston
Fall - 1975














Son of  Engineer Dave "Thunder Jaw" Allen Seeks Photo. Can you help out with this one???

My Name is William Allen........

  My father (David C. Allen) who is now deceased was a New Haven Railroad (1957), Penn Central, Conrail and lastly an Amtrak Engineer (1996). Some of the people on your web site I know (Joe McMann and Luther Treishman), and they certainly knew my dad....aka
Thunder-jaw / Fog horn....known for his very booming voice. He could talk over the loud roar of a diesel locomotive with ease!!!!!! My dad actually started out in Train service but later switched to Engine service in 1968,
due to an auto accident that made walking trains most difficult. I believe my dad told me Luther Treishman never returned to work after that train accident (as of 1996 anyway). My dad spent countless hours talking to Joe
McMann about railroading and I am sure fishing! 

    My dad loved the Shoreline run from New Haven to Boston and return best for passenger trains, however, his first love was always a good long freight train going anywhere!

    I write you because I was wondering with all of your photos if you had one particular United Aircraft photo of the Turbo Train heading to Boston on the shoreline taken from a helicopter (you can see part of the shadow of the helicopter in the photo).....My dad was running the train that day (early 1970's ish). As I recall you could make out part of his forehead and sun glasses. My dad must have missed placed it when he moved last as I cannot find it among his things. I remember it hanging up for years in his
family room, I know it exists. I even tried calling Sikorsky but they do not have good records of all their photos, so no luck there.

    I was hoping you might have this particular photo (There were several done by United Aircraft), but if not could you hook me up with someone who might have it.....I would love a copy of it.

    Love your web site and keep those photos coming!

 Thank you,

 William D. Allen  <<<If you can help William out, please e-mail him. Thanks!



Say NO to TImmy Mellon and his Guilford Railroad Wreckers.
Say NO to Peter Pan Bus Lines.
Let's keep it a real railroad.
Just Say No To Privatization.


February 4, 2002. According to press reports the Bush administration will propose an overhaul of Amtrak "through a partnership between federal and state governments and the private sector." This approach is similar to a plan that will be submitted to Congress by the Amtrak Reform Council (ARC). If true, this would be the first step that any administration has taken to dismantle the national passenger rail system. The President's budget plan will include $521 million for Amtrak for the next fiscal year.

CALL THE WHITE HOUSE - 202-456-1414




Warrington Quit.

Caption reads......."I see Amtrak has figured out how to get a massive Federal bailout..."


February 9, 2002

David Alfone

New Haven Union Station’s legendary customer services representative passed away this past week.  He was also the son of the Shoreline’s own Sal Alfone.

Cards of Condolence may be sent:

The Alfone Family
38 Rose Street
East Haven, CT 06513
Mass Cards are Appropriate

January 5, 2002

Train Director Leo King Retires!

South Bay Tower Train Director (former Tower One Operator) and passenger train advocate Leo King has retired from Amtrak.

Good luck Leo on your retirement and we hope you enjoy the sun and fun of Florida!

The Saratogian - January 15, 2002

Amtrak's #1 Conductor Passes On.

SARATOGA SPRINGS -- Amtrak's Rensselaer to New York City run will never be thesame following the death Sunday of
Dennis Corsale, the nation's longest continually employed conductor.

Corsale, 79, of Grand Avenue in Saratoga Springs, joined the Delaware & Hudson Railway on July 19, 1941 at age 19.

He marked his 60th anniversary on the job last summer and was still working until falling ill shortly before Christmas.

''A lot of people look forward to golfing the rest of their lives. Dennis just loved what he did,'' said Roger Eich of Saratoga Springs, a fellow Amtrak conductor. ''He was top-notch all the way. He had a sense of humor mixed with true professionalism. Passengers always came first.''

Inter-City Train Service Returns to Maine!!!

HIT HERE to visit their web site!

According to the UTU NEWS, retired 
New Haven Crew Base 
Conductor John Wasko
passed away in October of 2001.

John worked for the New Haven, Penn Central, Conrail and finally retired from Amtrak in the early 1990's. 
John was another good guy and great friend to everyone he worked with.

Jack Mac!   You're the MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 27,2001
Boston Conductor 
Jack McNamara retires!

Good Luck to 
You're the Man!!!

Best of luck to another great guy!!

redball.gif (1030 bytes)Collection for the Ryan Familyredball.gif (1030 bytes)

We are all shocked and saddened at the sudden passing of Conductor Herbie "Luggo" Ryan's wife. Conductor Dave Bowe is coordinating a holiday fundraising drive to help "Luggo" and his family.

If you would like to contribute, please contact Dave Bowe immediately. E-Mail Dave at You can also leave your donation off at the Track 13 Crew Base, SHSY Yardmaster's office or with Tom Driscoll, Joe Motte or E.B. Radovich 

Happy Holidays to all of our Railroad Friends!!!! Have a Wonderful and Safe Holiday Season!!!!!!!!!

Many thanks to Brothers and Sisters of the Boston Fire Department for your generosity and support!

redball.gif (1030 bytes) UTU 1462 - 262 redball.gif (1030 bytes)
Holiday Party!
December 2, 2001
Florian Hall, Dorchester, MA

What a great time was had by all!!!

redball.gif (1030 bytes) HIT HERE to see photos of this great event.
Nice work Larry!

All Aboard Santa!

Farewell to another Great Railroadman!

James E. Cashin

Amtrak Locomotive Engineer Legend

Passed away Saturday, November 10, 2001 at Ellis Hospital, Albany after a brief illness. Born in Troy, Mr. Cashin was educated at LaSalle Institute. He was a railroad engineer for 35 years working for the D&H, Conrail and Amtrak. He served on the High Speed Rail Committee for Amtrak from 1996-1998. He also served as the local chairman of
BLE-Division 77, New Haven, CT from 1995 to 1998.

Survivors include his loving wife, Darlene J. Robinson; his two daughters, Tracy E. Milanese of Grafton and Cheryl VonFricken of Speigletown; and eight grandchildren. He was the former husband of the late Joy Paul Cashin.

October 24, 2001

Farewell to Leo
Leo O'Donnell - Conductor
New Haven RR, Penn Central, Conrail, Amtrak

We were all saddened by the news of the passing of retired Conductor Leo O'Donnell.

Although Leo was a "character," to say the least, deep inside his heart he was a generous, caring man who would always step up to the plate to help out a person in need.


F40's to the rescue..............Again!


OCTOBER 22, 2001

Amtrak Train #66, the Twilight Shoreliner, led by a brand new HHP electric locomotive, crapped out in Westerly, Rhode Island on Monday, October 22, 2001.

A pair of F40ph locomotives (291,280) were sent to rescue #66 and drag it and the "High Horsepower Locomotive" back to Boston.

It was a proud moment for all fans of the F40ph's to see these workhorses back out on the mainline again saving the day.





  In order to assist in the defense of our homeland, the railroad industry has -- in consultation with the federal government --stepped up efforts to patrol and secure our properties. While the AAR has
not asked its member railroads to "profile" individuals near or around railroad property, railroad fans should be aware that the rail industry -- along with the rest of the nation -- is operating at a heightened state of alert that recognizes the dramatic change Sept. 11 brought to our nation.

That includes more scrutiny of activities and people in and around rail yards and tracks. We appreciate and value railfans' interest and support, and sincerely hope railfans understand that everyone is experiencing inconveniences as a result of the war on terrorism. (AAR - posted 10/21)

Me and Kingston Station  Agent and fellow hockey player Billy Connel.

Me and ex Boston Fireman Ralph Carter.

October 4, 2001

Yes, the rumors are true. I am currently back in passenger service. I work #173 Tues and Thur. Deadhead on #173 Mon-Wed-Fri and return from NYP on 2170 Mon-Wed-Fri and 2172 on Tue and Thur.

God do I miss the 3:30 switcher and my pals at Southampton Street Yard already.

Amtrak Funding. 
The cartoon says it all.

Amtrak AMT-2 Updates - 09/11/01

There are two new important updates to Amtrak's AMT-2 Electrical Operating Instructions book. They are especially important to those working in passenger service in electrified territory. HIT HERE to view these updates.

Good News From Conductor Mike Hall

It's a Big Boy!

Boston Conductor Mike Hall has a new edition to his crew. He is 8lbs 3 ozs and 20.5 inches and Mom has decided to call him Hayden Jerrome Hall.  Mom and the baby are doing well, and Dad is doing much better now..........He's expecting a full recovery

Glendale Docks - Lake Winnipesaukee - NH

Good Bye to another Summer!

Another summer, as most do,  just flew right by. Although most of us live for the joys of Summer, this was a somewhat sad one. The New England Division  lost many good friends, including Conductors Steve Globa, Bob Dickinson and Jack Burns (retired). It has not been the best of summers for the railroad either.

One of the great things about being a railroader is knowing that one way or another, we'll fight back and survive. We always have and we always will.

Happy Railroad Labor Day to all!


Boston Conductor Comrade, a.k.a. Paul Burns, a.k.a. Paul Bubryzcki retired on Friday, August 31, 2001.

Besides being a great guy to work with, Paul always had an interesting, albeit somewhat ultra conservative opinion on current events. The more I see of what's going on in this world the more I seem to agree with him.

The Flying Yankee Returns!

Okay, okay, it's one of them "B&M" (Northside) trains, but she's still a classic!

to visit the "Flying Yankee's" web site!

"It was a time of national rejuvenation and community pride
A time of innovation and style
A time when getting there was half the fun
And its time is now."

Retired Amtrak Conductor and former TV news anchor Jack Burns passed away this past weekend (8/18/01) at the age of 71.

Jack was a Conductor for the New Haven, Penn Central, Conrail and Amtrak railroads as well as working as a radio and TV news journalist in the Rhode Island area for many years.

Jack was a true gentleman and great guy to work with. He was well known throughout the Rhode Island area and well respected by fellow railroaders, journalists and law enforcement folks.

Jack is survived by his Brother Dick Burns who was also a Conductor for the New Haven, Penn Central, Conrail and Amtrak railroads.

Newly Rebuilt AME-7 948
Thanks to Ralph Carter for these photos.

Southampton Street Antics - 8/02/01

For the first time in years, a Heritage Diner (8554) and Dorm Lounge made their appearance in Boston. This equipment will run on #449 on Friday, August 3, 2001.

The equipment is for "Bikers" attending the motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota.

Thanks to Ralph Carter for the photos.

We'll always miss you, ol' friend! Our pal Steve.

We lost another good guy!

The Boston Crew Base and the New England Division are mourning the loss of Conductor Steve Globa. Simply put, Steve was just another one of the good ones who made the railroad the special place that it is. We're all saddened by his passing.

HIT HERE to visit a tribute to Steve.


More Sad News
The same weekend we lost Steve Globa, another great guy, New Haven Conductor Bob Dickinson passed away from heart failure. Bob was another great guy and good friend to one and all. He too will be missed by all of us!