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Kingston Station Agent Billy Connell gives Uncle Ben Perry the thumbs up shortly before Amtrak #173 departs.

Conductor Norman Murphy keeps an eye on his consist as his ACELA REGIONAL strolls through Cove Interlocking. (22 SKIDDO!)
(Photo By Bob Chessia)

What a PAIR!

Conductor Joe Hall hams it up with Uncle Ben Perry on #173. 

Conductor Debbie Fissette checks out the latest CSX updates as she rides the cushions on #173. Debbie works #142 back to Boston via the Springfield Line and the "B&A" (CSX).

My Buddy....
John "El Perullo" Perullo takes a break after the breaking the line in the cafe on Amtrak Acela #2170.

One Great Reason the Railroad is a Special Place.

A bunch of wonderful railroad smiles.

No matter how rough things get, most railroaders seem to find a way to maintain their sanity and their sense of humor. Here we have Joe Hall, Donna Barton and Debbie Fissette hamming it up with the legendary "Uncle Ben" Perry.....Heartthrob of Millions!

Locomotive Engineer Vinny Mercuri and Conductor Joe Hall are all smiles at New Haven Station.

Amtrak #173 ready to depart New Haven Station for Pennsylvania Station, NewYork City and points south to Washington, D.C.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN...Conductor John Newman finds a way to keep busy while deadheading to New Haven on ACELA REGIONAL #173.

Is he dead of just resting? Locomotive Engineer Larry "L.C." Owen takes a nap while deadheading to Pennsylvania Station on #173. Conductor Colleen Powers is all smiles as I snapped this classic photo.

El Perullo quenches his thirst after a long day of work.

Talk to the HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Engineers Vinny Mercuri and Larry Owen watch Leon "Brother Love" Pinkney in action as he tells the Penn Station Crew Room to "talk to the hand!"

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