Life on the ACELAS!

Updated February 19, 2003

Dumb name. Weird logo. Nice trains. 
Meet the crews who work aboard the flagships of the Northeast Corridor fleet.

ACELA REGIONAL #173 at Southampton Street Yard. 


It looks like a regular ol' conventional Amfleet train to anyone who knows better.

We used to call them "Yankee Clipper," "Merchants Limited" and "The Senator." Hopefully some day soon when all the nonsense ends we'll see the train names return and the ACELA blob will dissapear.


What a CREW!

Here we find the crew on #2170 taking a much deserved break enroute to Boston. Left to right we have LSA Steve "Baby Boyd" Drew, LSA Courtney, LSA Vic and Conductor/Actress Colleen Powers.

Conductor Joe Hall smiles after a hard day's work on ACELA Regional #173.

Talk about the apple not falling far from the tree. Here is Locomotive Engineer John Covington with his son John Jr.

Conductor Jimmy Harris

What is he up to now?

You never know what to expect from this character. He is without a doubt one of the pride and joys of the New Haven Crew Base.

Conductors Colleen Powers and Bob Macrae ham it up enroute to New York.

Amtrak #2170 at 149 miles per hour by Slocums, RI on the "Shore Line" to Boston.

Engineer Vinnie Mercuri at the throttle of Amtrak #173 as it passes through Cove Interlocking (MP 228).
Photo By Bob Chessia

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